REPS detail full-length debut Poisoned Youth

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Official press release:

Hailing from Rochester, New York, the Hardcore clan REPS incorporate raw elements of Metal, Rock, Post Hardcore, and Punk genres to infuse a sound all of their own. Today, REPS are thrilled to unveil new details of their forthcoming debut album, Poisoned Youth, a masterful 10 track album due out April 29th, filled with lessons for today’s youth, songs that speak from the heart, and showcase their thoughts and emotions through fast paced songs, thundering riffs and a commanding form of structure.

Standing out as ‘representatives’, REPS, are not afraid to call out the evils and deceptions of people in power, racism, greed, and hate. Stemming off of their debut EP, Own Your Mind, which was released in early 2015, the band used extensive lyrical topics of war, protest, free­thinking and self-­sustained destruction while encouraging people to gain strength and push forward with their lives. Continuing the story, Poisoned Youth, will infuse a multitude of genres and offer a raw and untamed sound as a vessel to shed light on these transgressions. The album, recorded by REPS’ own guitarist Jordan Foehner, bassist Mike Till, and Jason Thompson was mixed/mastered by Steve Sopchak at The Square Studio in Syracuse, New York.

Poisoned Youth track listing:

1. “Something We Love”
2. “Rust”
3. “Valor”
4. “No Demons”
5. “Dead In The Water”
6. “Courage Has No Color”
7. “Patsy”
8. “Deathbed”
9. “Face To Face”
10. “Vigilant”

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