RAM premiere new song “The Usurper”

Swedish metallers RAM are streaming a new song titled “The Usurper”. The song is taken from the band’s forthcoming new record Svbversvm, which is scheduled for an October 30th release on Metal Blade. The band comments of the new album:

“This album is the rebirth of RAM and a natural step to take after Death. For this album, we went back and rediscovered the mass of notes, lyrical ideas and sketches that were created at the very birth of RAM, from around 1999-2001. We saw that these ideas were more valid than ever and still very inspiring. We are very pleased with the album that is the product of four months of being locked up in the studio and offering our very last drop of sweat and blood for it to become the most massive RAM production ever. This is our latest assault upon the rotting world, may it be a dagger in the heart of the powers that may be! Svbversvm is at hand!”

The new record is available for pre-order through the label at metalblade.com/ram. The first single from Svbversvm, “Eyes Of The Night”, premiered at the aforementioned link and can be heard below.

Svbversvm track listing:

1. “Return Of The Iron Tyrant”
2. “Eyes Of The Night”
3. “The Usurper”
4. “Enslaver”
5. “Holy Death”
6. “Terminus”
7. “The Omega Device”
8. “Forbidden Zone”
9. “Temples Of Void”
10. “Svbversvm”

Ram 1

A limited edition European edition of Svbversvm will include a bonus DVD titled X Anniversary, A Decade Of Heavy Metal Tyranny Concert. The show was filmed during the band’s hometown show in Gothenburg, Sweden on Friday, September 13th.

X Anniversary, A Decade Of Heavy Metal Tyranny Concert track listing:

1. “Sudden Impact”
2. “Judgement and Punishment”
3. “Blessed to be Cursed”
4. “Under the Scythe”
5. “Defiant”
6. “Awakening the Chimaera”
7. “Machine Invaders”
8. “Ghost Pilot”
9. “Death”
10. “Forced Entry”
11. “Flame of the Tyrants”
12. “Infuriator”

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