Ragnarok are streaming their studio album Psychopathology in its entirety ahead of its release this Friday, March 25th. Guitarist Bolverk said of the effort:

“The new Ragnarok album follows in the footsteps of its predecessor Malediction. A mix of old Ragnarok and newer inspiration. The title of the album is Psychopathology, a term which in short means to dissect someone’s mind. A couple of lines of text from the title track are: ‘I’m inside your mind. I dissect your soul’, and one of the points of the lyrics is that sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. This is by no means a concept album, but most of the lyrics can be associated with madness or deviation in some form or another. To make it very brief: ‘Dominance and Submission’ is about sadomasochism. ‘The Eighth of the Seven Plagues’ and ‘Heretic’ are about religion. ‘Where Dreams go to Die’ is about madness. ‘Lies’ and ‘I Hate’ are pretty self-explanatory. ‘Into the Abyss’ is about the dark path that most of us are on. ‘Infernal Majesty’ is a tribute to our master. ‘Blood’ is about sacrifice. ‘My Creator’ has some very personal lyrics written by Jontho, while the other lyrics are written by myself.”

Agonia Records still has the effort available for pre-order in physical formats here and digitally here.

Psychopathology track listing:

1. “Dominance and Submission”
2. “I Hate”
3. “Psychopathology”
4. “My Creator”
5. “Infernal Majesty”
6. “Heretic”
7. “Into The Abyss”
8. “The Eighth Of The Seven Plagues”
9. “Lies”
10. “Blood”
11. “Where Dreams Come To Die”

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[via Terrorizer]