Ra debut video for “Enough” feat. Starset’s Dustin Bates

Band: Ra
Song: “Enough” feat. Dustin Bates (Starset)
Album: Intercorrupted
Release Date: March 19th, 2021
Label: Wake Up! Music Rocks

Frontman Sahaj Ticotin comments:

Enough is a very special song. It was originally written for the Starset album Divisions, but as that album progressed, it was clear to both Dustin and myself that my personal stamp on the song really felt more Ra. When we began Intercorrupted, I knew it would be on the record, but it seemed weird not to have Dustin on it, so I asked him to feature, which he agreed to, and here we are. The song itself is both a question and a plea. ‘Will it ever be enough?… And I know you’ve had enough.’ It’s a commentary on our current state of wanting it all but also being overwhelmed. On how the world pours on top of us daily but also how we still can’t get enough.