R.I.P. sign with RidingEasy Records, announce debut album In The Wind


Official press release:

Portland, OR quartet R.I.P. announce their signing to L.A. label RidingEasy Records to release their debut album In The Wind later this year. Hear and share the first track from the album, “Black Leather” at Bandcamp here:

Operating on the belief that heavy metal didn’t come from the forest or beam down from outer space, but rather that it crawled up out of the sewer and writhed to life in the grit and grime of the streets, the four rock ‘n’ roll freaks of R.I.P. call their sound “Street Doom” and spread the message with heavy touring across the United States. Obsessed with death and disgusted with the scene, they dragged their knuckles into the studio in 2016 and excavated a debut LP dedicated to fear and trembling, calling it In The Wind.

R.I.P. is defined by fast, regressive riffs, terrified vocals, live shows akin to near-death experiences, and steadfast adherence to the notion that doom isn’t how slow or de-tuned you can play, but the combination of fear, death, and leather. In The Wind is just the right level of down ‘n’ dirty guttural rock that cuts and chews with raw fury.

In The Wind will be available everywhere on LP, CD and download on December 9th, 2016 via RidingEasy Records.

In The Wind track listing:

1. “The Scythe”
2. “In The Wind Pt.1”
3. “Tremble”
4. “Black Leather ”
5. “Smoke & Lightning”
6. “In The Wind Pt. 2”
7. “The Tombstone”
8. “Bereaved”
9. “Brave In the Grave”
10. “In The Wind Pt. 3”


Tour dates:

9/10 – Arcata, CA | The Alibi
9/11 – Oakland, CA | TBA
9/12 – Los Angeles, CA | the Griffin
9/13 – San Diego, CA | Till 2 Club
9/14 – Encinitas, CA | The Saloon
9/15 – Flagstaff, AZ | Flag Brew
9/16 – Santa Fe, NM | The Cave
9/17 – Denver, CO | The Squire
9/19 – Reno, NV | Shea’s Tavern
9/20 – San Fransisco, CA | The Knockout