Pyrrhon revealed that they have been dropped by Relapse Records. The band – whose sole release for the label was last year’s acclaimed full-length The Mother Of Virtuesissued a statement that cited the reason for the termination of their contract was that “The Mother of Virtues has not proven commercially successful.” Here’s the band’s full statement:


The bad news is that Relapse Records have terminated their contract with Pyrrhon and will not be working on our next LP. The given reason for their decision was that The Mother of Virtues has not proven commercially successful, which will surely come as a major shock to anyone who’s heard it. Our split with Relapse will not affect our upcoming European tour plans next month.

The good news: we will release Growth Without End, a new EP, on June 2, 2015. That’s the cover art you’re looking at. Written and recorded in the aftermath of the TMoV sessions, and handled by the same team (Ryan Jones on tracking/mixing; Colin Marston on mastering; Caroline Harrison on art/layout), it is our fastest, scabbiest material to date. Growth Without End will come out on vinyl & digital via Handshake Inc., whom you may know through their great work with the likes of Gridlink, Rwake, Sulaco, and Couch Slut. We will be joining another Handshake band for a limited number of out-of-town live appearances in support of the EP before commencing work on our next batch of material. Dates & details TBA.”

Growth Without End track listing:

1. “Cancer Mantra”
2. “Forget Yourself”
3. “The Mass”
4. “Viral Content”
5. “Turing’s Revenge”

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