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Official press release:

Virginia’s Pyro, Ohio has partnered up with Substream Magazine to exclusively premiere that band’s first single off their hotly anticipated follow up to their 2013 Before The Sun Sets… EP. “The Truest Reflection”, which can be heard below, is off the forthcoming album entitled Keepsakes that will be released November 13th. The album is following on the heels of being selected as one of the top American unsigned bands by Hot Topic, having their music video premiered on Substream Magazine, and playing the 2015 Vans Warped Tour in Charlotte, NC. Guitarist Jake Whalen goes on to explain the album’s theme by saying:

Keepsakes is about tangible things we hold onto over the years to keep our memories alive. Our memories can be a warm, happy nostalgia or a suppressed nightmare. The themes of the album are sort of a dichotomy between the good memories and bad memories. For every song with a positive theme, there is a counterpart song with a more negative theme. Good or bad, our past is what makes us who we are today.”

The Andreas Magnusson (Haste The Day, Oh Sleeper, The Black Dahlia Murder) produced album will be released November 13th and feature eleven dynamic slabs of post-hardcore that is sure to commence head bobbing through the entirety of its 37 minute runtime. Guitarist Stephen Noel commented on the band’s sound by explaining:

“We’ve always been influenced by early 2000’s post-hardcore and pop-punk bands, but I think you can hear even more of an impact of those great bands on our melodies and song structures of Keepsakes. Our songs are as varied and manic as always, and somehow this new album is even heavier and more energetic than Before the Sun Sets… even while incorporating parts reminiscent of the late 90’s and early 2000’s alternative scene. We didn’t really steer the sound of the album this way, but it absolutely lends itself to the nostalgic theme of the album.”

Pre-orders are available here.

Keepsakes track listing:

1. “Keepsakes”
2. “It’s Not My Cup Of Tea, But I’ll Drink It”
3. “The Genie Should Stay in the Bottle”
4. “The Truest Reflection”
5. “A King’s Departure is Never Silent”
6. “Modern Romantics”
7. “Malevolence vs Karma”
8. “A Glass Half Empty is a Life Full of Regrets”
9. “Ripley’s Nightmare”
10. “What’s Past is Prelude”
11. “If Only I Could Learn to Swim”

Pyro, Ohio 3

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