Prime Meridian 1

Official press release:

Famined Records’ artist Prime Meridian has partnered up with It Djents to exclusively premiere the first single off their forthcoming self-titled album. The single, which is entitled “Indian” and can be heard HERE, will appear on the December 11th full length follow-up to the band’s 2013 full length Dialogues. Vocalist Shae Portner had this to say on the album:

“Our new album is about an individual who is suffering from an immense case of depression. Every night he has a dream where he finally ends it by his own hands. These dreams seem almost too real, like an out of body experience, for the individual. Although he is not afraid of death, he is most afraid of how it will affect the ones he loves. As he delves deeper into his own madness, he often wonders if the people he loves, in return, love him back. This causes a regressive form of hate where these thoughts almost become a new obsession. This album is a narrative of his out of body experiences, his thoughts, and his proposed thoughts of those who loved him.”

Prime Meridian track listing:

1. “Wrapped In Plastic”
2. “Underbite”
3. “Tar Kiss”
4. “Turpentine”
5. “Mahogany”
6. “Indian”
7. “Furnace”
8. “Mother Fox”
9. “Haunt”

Prime Meridian 2