Portrayal of Guilt debut video for “…where the suffering never ends”

Band: Portrayal of Guilt
Song: “…where the suffering never ends”
Director: Craig Murray
Album: Christfucker
Release Date: November 5th, 2021
Label: Run For Cover Records

Director Craig Murray said of the clip:

“I wanted to make an immersive film, which takes the viewer on a progressive journey that never seems to end. I had a structured idea that I wanted to shoot, but also shot loads of ominous scenes that could develop new ideas about the story for the viewer. The initial edit was between 15-20 minutes long, leaving me no option but to cut it down. I decided to leave the opening act as long as I could by extending the intro sounds, which are various parts of the song slowed down and reversed. We camped overnight in the forest to shoot the film in a mostly chronological order, between us we had over 1000 harvest mite bites by the end of it…”