PIG announce new EP Prey & Obey, release video for title track

Official press release:

Raymond Watts (aka PIG), the Infidel of industrial, returns to feed, foul and further his reputation with the new EP Prey & Obey.

This will stick to your insides harder than guilt, sin, lard or gin.

The title track, “Prey & Obey”, reunites Watts with Marc Heal and Phil Barry of Cubanate infamy. You’ll be happily singing along with Watts as he wails and rails from his lowly pulpit on what is sure to become another anthem for the dispossessed from The Lord Of Lard.

Next up is “The Revelation”, co-written with Ben Christo, long-serving guitarist with The Sisters Of Mercy, who has been given a new leash of life in lard, and plays all guitars on this release. As the rampaging refrain repeats with its resonating ring of ‘truth is sin’, Watts seems to be giving us a lesson in what constitutes ‘barnstorming’.

“The Cult Of Chaos” sets a more tranquil mood. Penned with Z.Marr (formerly of those paragons of moral virtue Combichrist), it almost takes the form of a breather, or is it a last gasp? And here we can hear another facet and faucet of the endlessly undefinable … Sweet, sour, symphonically sordid and sometimes sick … it’s all here for your delectation, disgust and delight.

Prey & Obey is out now on Metropolis Records, and the video for the title track is premiering on Revolver Magazine and can be seen here:

Prey & Obey track listing:

1. “Prey & Obey”
2. “The Revelation”
3. “The Cult Of Chaos”
4. “Prey & Obey”
(Leatherstrip Remix)
5. “The Revelation” (Z.Marr Electronic Mix)
6. “Prey & Obey” (En Esch Mix)