Philosophobia drop video for “Between the Pines”

Band: Philosophobia
Song: “Between the Pines”
Album: Philosophobia
Release Date: June 24th, 2022
Label: Sensory Records

Guitarist Andreas Ballnus, who also edited the video, comments:

‘Between The Pines’ lyrically deals with the situation between a stepfather and his stepson. On the surface they get along very well with each other. But deep inside the boy is very insecure because of the experiences with his biological father. The stepfather remembers when he was a child playing in the woods. A place where all sorrow had gone away. A place where it was calm and peaceful. The place between the pines. It was chosen as a single because it shows another side of Philosophia. Not as heavy or complex as the other tracks on the album. Nearly having a pop chorus. Another facet of Philosophobia.”


Philosophobia track listing:

  1. “Thorn in Your Pride”
  2. “I Am”
  3. “Time to Breathe”
  4. “Between the Pines”
  5. “As Light Ceased to Exist”
  6. “Thirteen Years of Silence”
  7. “Voices Unheard”
  8. “Withing My Open Eyes”

[via Metal Injection]