Pentagram are streaming a new track off their forthcoming record Curious Volume. Stream the song “Walk Alone” above courtesy of Metal Hammer. Frontman Bobby Liebling offered on the track:

“It’s the blues, it’s doom, it’s a downer song about heartbreak and how to survive it. It’s a song of devastation conquered by optimism and realization of self worth. There is a light if you force yourself to look for it.”

The new record is scheduled for release via Peaceville Records on August 28th. CD, vinyl, and cassette pre-orders are currently available through the label at this location.

The band also recently began streaming another track off the effort titled “Misunderstood”, which you can hear below.

Curious Volume track listing:

1. “Lay Down And Die”
2. “The Tempter Push”
3. “Dead Bury Dead”
4. “Earth Flight”
5. “Walk Alone”
6. “Curious Volume”
7. “Misunderstood”
8. “Close The Casket”
9. “Sufferin`”
10. “Devil`s Playground”
11. “Because I Made It”

Pentagram 3

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