Peel debut new song “Wet work”

Band: Peel
Song: “Wet Work”
Album Never Not Dead EP
Release date: April 27th, 2018

Streaming exclusively via New Noise Magazine.

Peel bassist Dave Stach offers on the recording of the new EP:

“After the Goes Bananas sessions we decided to skip the big studio and producer (because we spent all of our money) and reach out to the talented people within our circle. We’ve known Dave Vettraino for a while, back when he headed Public House, recording DIY projects in his basement. Bobby Lord, a childhood friend of Jake and myself, lives in NYC and composes and records music. After Lincoln Hall paid us probably more money than we’re worth, we hit it. You can say this record was funded by the gracious contributions of Lincoln Hall. Not only did we save some green, but we seriously got bang for our buck. We’re not saying anything bad about the big studio process, but when we’re connected with so many rad people it just made sense to do this EP within our circle.”

Regarding the single, the group offered:

“We busted the songs out in a month, writing and rehearsing it all together and recorded the entire thing in one day; we had the masters a week later. We wanted to keep it simple but make everything bigger. The pop is poppier, the rock is rockier. Pete wrote some deep shit, Kyle wrote a Ramones song. We’re leading off with the song ‘Wet Work’ because it’s the best example of that new Peel sound. It sounds like Peel, but a new Peel. A better Peel. The best Peel that we can Peel.”


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  • Never Not Dead EP track listing:

    1. “Wet Work”
    2. “Give Up Your Ghost”
    3. “Teenage Rock & Roll Sinner”
    4. “Broken Down”
    5. “High Til I Die”