Photo by: Edward Tumulty

Band: Panicwolf
Song: “Demon Speak”
Album: Paralyze EP
Release Date: August 24th, 2018
Label: Pale Chord Music

Vocalist Luke Stevens describes the song:

‘Demon Speak’ comes from a dark time in my life. It was a time when the idea of love was almost like a foreign concept to me and I felt shut out by the outside world. For me, an altered state of mind was the only way I could truly find real acceptance. This song was written about the people who turn to the warm feeling that drugs can provide instead of the true feeling of love that the people around you can supply. The song paints a picture of an abuser overcoming the idea that drugs are the only thing that can give them the feeling of love that they dream about.”


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  • Paralyze track listing:

    1. “Sink”
    2. “Bury Me”
    3. “Naïvety”
    4. “Misery”
    5. “Demon Speak”

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