P.O.D. stream new single “Soundboy Killa”

Band: P.O.D.
Song: “Soundboy Killa”
Release Date: September 8th, 2017
Label: T-Boy Records

Vocalist Sonny Sandoval said of the track:

“Rock ‘n roll has become entertainment that just says what the consumer wants to hear. There’s no more edge or rebellion that sets it apart from the norm. We choose to be us and write songs that we love playing rather than trying to keep up with trends or what’s hot on the scene. Lyrically, it’s a take off some of the old hip hop and reggae classics that I love. ‘Soundboy Killa’ is classic P.O.D. guitar riff power, headbanging groove with the lyrical attitude and edge missing in today’s music.”

[via Alternative Press]