Band: Ozzy Osbourne
Song: “One of Those Days” feat. Eric Clapton
Album: Patient Number 9
Release Date: September 9th, 2022
Label: Epic Records

Patient Number 9 track listing:

  1. “Patient Number 9” feat. Jeff Beck
  2. “Immortal” feat. Mike McCready (Pearl Jam)
  3. “Parasite” feat. Zakk Wylde
  4. “No Escape From Now” feat. Tony Iommi
  5. “One Of Those Days” feat. Eric Clapton
  6. “A Thousand Shades” feat. Jeff Beck
  7. “Mr. Darkness” feat. Zakk Wylde
  8. “Nothing Feels Right” feat. Zakk Wylde
  9. “Evil Shuffle” feat. Zakk Wylde
  10. “Degradation Rules” feat. Tony Iommi
  11. “Dead And Gone”
  12. “God Only Knows”
  13. “Darkside Blues”