Australian melodic death outfit Orpheus Omega have premiered the 2nd installment in a trilogy of music videos that summarizes the concept of their latest full-length Partum Vita Mortem. The clip above is for their track “Tomorrow’s Fiends And Yesterday’s Ghosts”. Comments the band:

“In life we all have to come to terms with fears, risks and our inner demons. In some instances they are very clear in others they sit in our subconscious but we must face them at one stage or another. ‘Tomorrows Fiends and Yesterday’s Ghosts’ explores the reality of how our demons and fears can affect our lives and prevent us from doing what we want in life, but also how they manifest themselves in our mind.”

Part one of the trilogy was the video for “Karma Favours The Weak”, which you can view below. The band’s new album is out now through Kolony Records. A full stream of it is also available below via the outfit’s Bandcamp, from which it can also be purchased. Additional points of purchase can be found here and here.

Orpheus Omega 2