Order Of Diptera join The Artisan Era roster; stream playthrough for new track “Ordo Est Vermibus”

Official press release:

Hatched in Wellington, Order Of Diptera is New Zealand’s newest purveyors of dissonant technical/modern death metal. Feeding on the carcass of the collective’s extensive pedigree in New Zealand’s metal scene, Order Of Diptera is a coagulation of exceptionally skilled players seeking to bridge the gap between modern dissonance focused death metal and technical death metal.

The upstart new band attracted the attention of extreme metal label The Artisan Era who are proud to announce today’s signing of Order Of Diptera. The group’s debut album will be released in the spring of 2018 through The Artisan Era. Fans of Hate Eternal, Ulcerate, Abhorrent and Spawn Of Possession would be wise to keep an eye on Order Of Diptera.

An early playthrough for their song “Ordo Est Vermibus” can be heard here:

Order Of Diptera is:

Nag Reid (Heavy Metal Ninjas) – Guitar
Nesh Kumar – Guitar
James Vanner – Drums
Liam Cody – Bass
Michael Koefman – Vocals​