Photo by: Pauliina Lindell

In conjunction with their massive upcoming tour, which includes the band’s maiden voyage to the US, Finnish cosmic black metal alchemists Oranssi Pazuzu will release a special 10″ recording containing two new tracks, which are now streaming at Loudwire.

On the impending expedition, Oranssi Pazuzu will be selling a new EP, in addition to the previously-announced reissues of their Muukalainen Puhuu MLP, Farmokologinen LP, and Kosmonument LP. The newly-confirmed EP bears two unreleased tracks, “Kevät” and “Värimyrsky”, and is pressed on 10″ vinyl. While the Kevät/Värimyrsky EP will be sold only at the band’s shows during their 2017 tour cycle, the band decided to also share the new and previously unreleased tracks digitally with the world for those unable to attend one of their mind bending live performances.

Offers Oranssi Pazuzu:

“Although not ‘new’ in every sense of the word, the first song ‘Kevät’ was recorded during Valonielu sessions in 2013, but left out from the album because it’s darker mood didn’t quite seem to fit in with the other songs’ more cosmic approach. The second, ‘Värimyrsky’, is also an older and more nihilistic one, that we have been playing with for a long time, and now finally decided to record it in our home cave with the help from our Brother-in-Wastement Jussi Saarivuori.”

Delving further into the songs, the band continues:

‘Kevät’, meaning ‘Spring,’ is a very bleak and sorrowful doom song about drowning in a lake because of the weight you carry. It has got lyrics written by Moit, and it represents our sound taking a bit different direction than the other tracks from that time. We like this song quite a bit, but never found a proper place for it before. ‘Värimyrsky’, or ‘Colour Storm’, on the other hand is leaning more towards black metal sounds than our music normally does. It is about the feeling of disappointment, that launches a desire to dissolve back into natures circulation. Letting wolves rip your mind and letting your liquids spill to the ground, birthing new life that has more meaning. The broken statue on the cover represents the same despair these two songs have, shrouding it in the face of forgotten European humanism.”

In a worldwide exclusive, Loudwire is now streaming Oranssi Pazuzu‘s Kevät/Värimyrsky EP; hear it only at THIS LOCATION.

20 Buck Spin will also reissue Oranssi Pazuzu‘s Kosmonument LP, Farmokologinen LP, and Muukalainen Puhuu MLP on May 5th; pre-orders for all three are live HERE, and pre-orders for downloads of the Kevät/Värimyrsky EP available HERE.