One Man Boycott stream debut record Counting The Seconds

U.K. pop-punks One Man Boycott are now streaming their debut effort Counting The Seconds. Vocalist Joe Brewer said of the album:

“Over the course of this album my lyrics actually touched on a surprisingly wide range of topics. The name Counting The Seconds is part of a lyric in the last track on the album, ‘As You Wish’: ‘…and I’m counting the seconds, ‘til you believe me’. It refers to the anticipation we’ve all felt in the run up to sharing this album with everyone, we can’t wait.”

The record was released yesterday on Super Sick Records and is currently available for purchase at the group’s Bandcamp and on iTunes.

Counting The Seconds track listing:

1. “Sunshine Pizza Friends”
2. “If Only You’d Stay”
3. “Fingers Crossed”
4. “Monument To A Normal Guy”
5. “Liar”
6. “Short Like Summer”
7. “Sick Of It All”
8. “Stockholm Swing”
9. “If I Survive”
10. “As You Wish”

One Man Boycott 2

[via Rock Sound]