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Official press release:

One Machine, the brainchild of acclaimed guitarist/songwriter Steve Smyth (Testament, Nevermore, Forbidden, Dragonlord, Vicious Rumors), recently announced the impending release of their second full-length album, The Final Cull, out on September 18th worldwide via Scarlet Records. Today, the band has released the new album art, illustrated by Gustavo Sazes (Gus G., Morbid Angel, Arch Enemy). Guitarist and One Machine mastermind Steve Smyth states:

“We are very happy to present our new album cover for The Final Cull, designed by the very talented Gustavo Sazes. The cover concept behind The Final Cull is a bit of fantasy, a bit of reality crossed in between, as we present the idea of humanity being wiped out by the advancement of technology, at the hands of a small set of powerful human beings bent on power and control over all, even at the cost of the general population. The only useful and lasting valuable assets of humanity is the human soul, this last piece behind taken daily via technology, mind control, and psychological warfare. The scene of the cover is set in the near future, where human beings are rounded up and placed into tubes, which take the soul, to be placed in the ‘new’ human beings, complete A.I. human replicas, and here is where the album begins… we hope you will join us down the dark path that is The Final Cull!”

One Machine is also pleased to reveal the track listing for the two upcoming album versions.

The Final Cull track listing:

1. “Forewarning”
2. “The Final Cull”
3. “Summoning Of The Soul”
4. “Screaming For Light”
5. “The Grand Design”
6. “New Motive Power”
7. “Ashes In The Sky”
8. “Born From This Hate”
9. “Welcome To The World”
10. “Computer God” (Black Sabbath cover) [CD, Digipak, and Vinyl only]

One Machine 2

One Machine recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to help offset the costs incurred during the recording. The campaign also serves as the official album pre-order, which will be available in Digital Download, CD, Digipak, and special edition vinyl formats. In addition, the campaign itself offers many great donation perks. For more information, please visit this link.

The Final Cull was tracked at Death Island Studios, with Marco Angioni and Tue Madsen helming. Recording lasted for nine days solid, as the band put in 15-18 hour days on this record.

Stay tuned for more The Final Cull details and exclusive media coming soon from One Machine!

One Machine is:
Steve Smyth (guitar)
Jamie Hunt (guitar)
Chris Hawkins (vocals)
Stefano Selvatico (bass)

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