French black/death metallers Olympus have released the opening number, “Zeus”, of their upcoming full-length, Gods. The Greek mythology-themed outfit’s new album dedicates each track to a Greek god or goddess. Each week, the group will debut a new track off the album. You can get the track listing and cover art below. The album is scheduled for release on October 1st. Pre-order/purchase links will be posted as they become available.

Gods track listing:

  1. “Zeus”
  2. “Hera”
  3. “Poseidon”
  4. “Demeter”
  5. “Hephaistos”
  6. “Aphrodite”
  7. “Athena”
  8. “Arès”
  9. “Apollon”
  10. “Artemis”
  11. “Hermes”
  12. “Hades”

Olympus is:

Rembat – lead guitar
DammneD – rhythm guitar
Janus – drums/percussion
Cide – vocals/bass