Umeå, Sweden’s Old Man’s Will have debuted a new song off their forthcoming release Hard Times – Troubled Man titled “Easy Rider”. Guitarist Klas Holmgren says of the new album:

“It was a step towards a more classic rock sound. On the first album, we were heavily influenced by a lot of contemporary sounds and bands-something we are moving away from. For Hard Times – Troubled Man, we used old hard rock and blues as a foundation, creating something that’s meant to become the sound of Old Man’s Will.”

The album hits stores on August 4th through RidingEasy Records on LP, CD and download.

Hard Times – Troubled Man track listing:

1. “Fools”
2. “Troubled Man”
3. “Easy Rider”
4. “Ratking”
5. “Got It”
6. “Hazel Eyes”
7. “How Could You Know?”
8. “Another Seven Days”

Old Man's Will 1

[via Roadburn]