Band: Oh, Sleeper
Song: “The Island”
Album: Bloodied / Unbowed
Release Date: July 12th, 2019
Label: Solid State Records, Tooth & Nail Records

Lead vocalist Micah Kinard comments:

‘The Island’ follows one of the main characters as they seize control of their path and ignore all callings and passions placed on their heart in an effort to become exactly what they believe the outside world has described to them as a ‘success.’ They shut out everything that once made them burn with passion and experience – a world without inner fire.”

Elaborating on the band’s current sound, he said:

“I actually feel like ‘The Island’ is the perfect blend of the old When I Am God Oh, Sleeper and our new matured sound. We’ve spent so long working on this album, writing, scrapping, rewriting, reworking every second of it, putting more thought and work into Bloodied/Unbowed than any album before it.”


[via Alternative Press]