Of Feather And Bone have released a new single from their upcoming studio effort Embrace The Wretched Flesh. Stream the song “Ignore Their Remorse” above courtesy of New Noise Magazine.

The new album will be out September 18th via Good Fight Music. Physical pre-orders can be found at MerchNOW, while digital copies can be secured through the label’s Bamdcamp.

Embrace The Wretched Flesh track listing:

1. “Ordained In Fire”
2. “Calloused Embrace”
3. “Confined Violence”
4. “You Along Will Suffer”
5. “Proclaim Of Hate”
6. “The Deafening Call”
7. “Bound To Guilt”
8. “Ignore Their Remorse”
9. “The Profane”
10. “Existence Through Hatred”

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