Band: Odd Circus
Album: Arch Nova EP
Release Date: June 25th, 2021
Label: Good Idea Music

The group said of the effort:

“One of our favorite things to do as a band is to take time exploring uncomfortable spaces. What’s comfortable, what’s easy – those feel to us like traps. Instead, the challenge is to seek out some unfamiliar territory and see if we can find something unexpected there. That seems much more interesting.

In these tracks we felt an element of danger and uneasiness, and that suspenseful vibe felt like it told a story. We imagine a post-apocalyptic world littered with man-eating mutants, as our main character navigates his way to humanity’s last refuge — Arch Nova. Along the way, a relentless killer and former military commander chases him for sport. We don’t want to spoil the ending, so as to whether he makes it, you’ll just have to listen and decide for yourselves.”


Arch Nova EP track listing:

  1. “Maniac”
  2. “Wasteland”
  3. “Hostiles”
  4. “Arch Nova”

[via The Sleeping Shaman]