Oceans of Slumber release video for “The Hanging Tree”

Band: Oceans of Slumber
Song: “The Hanging Tree”
Director: Angela Herr & Bianca Greene
Album: Starlight and Ash
Release Date: July 22nd, 2022
Label: Century Media Records

Vocalist Cammie Beverly says of the song:

“An old childhood home, a frequently visited spot along the meadow, a closet we pass in our grandmother’s house, a tree in the town center that has scars from its terrible past…places hold memories and they never forget them even when buried under the changes of time.”


Starlight and Ash track listing:

  1. “The Waters Rising”
  2. “Hearts of Stone”
  3. “The Lighthouse”
  4. “Red Forest Roads”
  5. “The Hanging Tree”
  6. “Salvation”
  7. “Star Altar”
  8. “The Spring of 21”
  9. “Just a Day”
  10. “House of the Rising Sun”
  11. “The Shipbuilders Son”