Obsidian Kingdom enter the studio for new full-length

Photo by: Sergio Albert

Official press release:

Obsidian Kingdom are about to hit the studio again this summer to produce their third full-length album, which promises to be an intense collection of angst-ridden yet sanguine songs. The experimental Barcelonian outfit will spend the next month at Ax Studio in their hometown (the same place where their debut Mantiis was recorded,) resolved to create what will be their guttiest work to date.

The band comment:

“Once again, we’re off to the studio in excitement and terror… Even though we’ve been working on these songs for two years now, they keep changing on us as if they were alive. So wish us luck as we approach the final stage of wrestling this beast, and soon we’ll bring you trumpets of angels and trombones from Hell!”

Obsidian Kingdom is:

Rider G Omega – guitars and vocals
Ojete Mordaza II – drums
Seerborn Ape Tot – keys
Eaten Roll I – guitars
Om Rex Orale – bass