Band: Obscura
Song: “Devoured Usurper”
Director: Mirko Witzki
Album: A Valediction
Release Date: November 19th, 2021
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Bandleader Steffen Kummerer said of the single:

“Merciless, moldered and putrid alike – ‘Devoured Usurper‘ showcases a crude abrasive side to shake some bodies at live shows in the near future. With utter brutality, the song depaints an inevitable reckoning and underlines the death metal roots of Obscura.”

With regard to the video, he added:

“We recorded the music video at famous Stress Studio in Graz, Austria, where also drums for the new album have been tracked. We prepare our live shows and assemble parts of our production in this unique environment before we embark on upcoming tours.”