German tech-death quartet Obscura have announced the release of their sixth studio album to date and the follow-up to 2018’s Diluvium. The effort has been titled A Valediction and has been set for release on November 19th through Nuclear Blast. Frontman Steffen Kummerer said of the album:

A Valediction unfolds Obscura in its purest form and showcases the band at new heights and offers immediacy with a rather personal touch. We cannot wait to perform this album on stage and celebrate each and every song live with our loyal fans around the globe. This record goes to eleven, so watch out for the first single dropping in July and worldwide tour dates to be announced soon.”

A Valediction was produced by Fredrik Nordström (At The Gates, Architects) and features cover art by Eliran Kantor (Slayer, Thy Art Is Murder, Hatebreed).

The album sees the return of guitarist Christian Münzner and bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling to the fold. The last album that featured the pair was 2011’s Omnivium.

A Valediction track listing:

  1. “Forsaken”
  2. “Solaris”
  3. “A Valediction”
  4. “When Stars Collide” (ftea. Björn ‘Speed’ Strid)
  5. “In Unity”
  6. “Devoured Usurper”
  7. “The Beyond”
  8. “Orbital Elements II”
  9. “The Neuromancer”
  10. “In Adversity”
  11. “Heritage”
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