Official press release:

German female extreme metal force, NYX, has inked a record deal with Agonia Records. The band’s debut album, Home, is expected to drop on October 30th, 2015. In anticipation, the duo has revealed a trailer for their upcoming effort, which is available for viewing below:

NYX is made off Blitz (drums/vocals) and Vinterbarn (guitars/vocals) and was brought to life in 2011 to explore the endless metastases of the aspiring soul, within a musical dimension.

Their debut album, Home, was recorded and produced in Blackout Studio (Enthroned, Corpus Christii, Emptiness, Lvcifyre) with Enthroned’s bassist Phorgath behind the console.

The band commented:

“We are NYX and this restless album is our joint search for the inner home. Welcome to roaring wrath, screaming despair and silent yearning – welcome home”.

On the album trailer, the duo added:

“This small album-preview contains song snippets of the upcoming NYX-album, Home, combined with ‘behind the scenes’ impression of the whole working process: rehearsals, photosessions, studio-recording”.

Home will be available in CD and digital formats. More information will follow soon.

Home track listing:

1. “Beyond”
2. “Chaos Pt. 20 – Black Isle”
3. “Chaos Pt. 38 – Metastases”
4. “Prelude”
5. “S.ave O.ur S.ouls”
6. “Deep”
7. “Going On”
8. “Home”
9. “Swallowed Screaming”