Official press release:

Tragic Hero Records is proud to welcome Northern Ghost to their roster. Being reminiscent of older Bring Me The Horizon and A Skylit Drive, the band fits well with the other artists on the label. Vocalist Tony McVaney explained:

“When Tragic Hero Records first heard us, they were just as excited as we were about what we’ve created. The enthusiasm, excitement and passion we shared with the label was something the industry has never shown us before and made the decision to work with Tragic Hero Records an easy one.”

Northern Ghost are excited to share the first single, “Deathwish”, off their upcoming debut album to be released this summer. The song is special to the band and portrays a perfect glimpse of what the future holds for Northern Ghost. As McVaney shared:

‘Deathwish’ is the first song we wrote as a band. Lyrically, you can hear the mental struggles I was going through at the time. This single is the beginning of Northern Ghost and is the first piece of us we want to share with everyone.”

Get “Deathwish” now via iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.