Norma Jean 2

Norma Jean have announced that their forthcoming, seventh studio record has been titled Polar Similar. The album is set to drop on September 9th through Solid State Records. The group have also premiered the album’s first single titled 1,000,000 Watts”, listen below courtesy of NPR. Bandleader Cory Brandan comments:

“We worked really hard to match the emotion of these songs to the content behind them, and tried to conjure a specific feeling with each track. The record as a whole deals with some dark themes, so this is an example of what naturally came out of our collaboration. I think ‘1,000,000 Watts‘ is a great representation of some of the bold risks we took throughout the album. It’s amazing what you will create when you put yourself in the mindset of, ‘I have nothing to lose.’”

Pre-orders are now available and can be picked up at MerchNOW and Merch Direct.

Polar Similar track listing:

1. “I. The Planet”
2. “Everyone Talking Over Everyone Else”
3. “Forever Hurtling Towards Andromeda”
4. “1,000,000 Watts”
5. “II. The People”
6. “Death Is A Living Partner”
7. “Synthetic Sun”
8. “Reaction”
9. “III. The Nebula”
10. “The Close And Discontent”
11. “An Ocean Of War”
12. “A Thousand Years A Minute”
13. “IV. The Nexus”

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