NOMVDIC debut new single “blue jay”

Song: “blue jay”
Director: Evan Draper
Album: Euphoria
Release Date:
Label: The Orchard Music

Frontman James Lewis said of the song:

“The idea for this song came from a time in my life (around 2017) when I was at the lowest of lows. My outlook was so bleak that the world around me had lost all beauty and color, everything was gray. During my worst moment, I was driving my car and daydreaming about my death when suddenly a blue jay flew on the ground in front of me while I was stopped at a light. It was so vibrantly blue and beautiful that color shot out of it, restoring the world around it. It made me cry and realize the beauty of the world, despite my pain. ‘Blue Jay’ comes out of the rubble of a bleak nihilistic breakdown at the end of the 9th song, ‘______//’, and aims to restore color to the grey of ‘giving up’, like the blue bird did for me._”