No Man An Island – the new outfit formed by former members of Death Of An Era – have released a lyric video for their new single “Family Ties”. The video premiere was accompanied by the following statement from the band concerning family abuse:

The wait is over, everyone.

Before you listen to this song, we want everyone to take a minute to think about what child abuse really is, and how it extends far beyond a physical strike or biting comment. If you’ve experienced this, then you know first hand. Childhood is an extremely fragile part of our lives and much of what happens during this stage will affect who we will be until death. It is extremely isolating and makes you feel worthless. This song was written to let those kids, even the grown up ones, know that they aren’t alone and that it’s not their fault. If you never knew any type of abuse, please put yourself in their place, imagine a parent who talked to you as if you were nothing, who hit you for undesired behavior, or much worse.

Thank you all for the support. Please contact organizations like if you know of abuse and want to stop it.