Nightmarer streaming new album Cacophony Of Terror in full

Band: Nightmarer
Album: Cacophony Of Terror
Release Date: March 23rd, 2018
Label: Season Of Mist

Guitarist Simon Hawemann said of the record:

“The time has come to unleash Cacophony Of Terror in the shape it’s intended to be experienced in… All previously released singles have merely been pieces of the puzzle, but the entire album reveals a much more disturbingly complete picture of what we are trying to convey with our music: paranoia, self-destruction, pure misery and death. Contrary to most dissonant extreme metal entities, we decided to go for a full-on wall of sound approach – to emphasize the crushing weight, which is beating down the protagonist of the story that we’re telling on this record, until all life is stomped out of him. Now go and bathe in the misery of Cacophony Of Terror!”


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  • Cacophony Of Terror track listing:

    1. “The Descent”
    2. “Stahlwald”
    3. “Skinner”
    4. “Bleach”
    5. “Cave Digger”
    6. “Fetisch”
    7. “Tidal Waves”
    8. “Ceremony Of Control”
    9. “Death”
    10. “Swansong”
    11. “Cave Digger”
    (Lymbs remix)