Heavy metallers Night Viper are streaming a new song from their impending self-titled release called “The Hammer”. Guitarist Tom Sutton says of the album:

“We love it. We recorded all the basic tracks live together, and I think you can really hear the excitement in the room. It’s very organic-sounding, and will remind people of the heavy metal classics they love, while still being very current and very unique. It’s not a tribute to any era in any way. There’s elements of Kill ’em All-era Metallica, Judas Priest, Entombed, and the more metal side of Motörhead, along with some Pentagram or Coven-type spookiness. This is just a pure and honest representation of how we sound. Each song really has its own personality, and the melodies are super-catchy. The differences in style and influences between the two guitarists, Emil and I, give the album a lot of texture, I think. If there’s a solo that sounds like cat with its tail on fire, that’s me, and if there’s something with a beautiful twirling melody to it, that’s probably Emil. Ruben sounds totally thumping on bass, and Jonna plays with a swing that isn’t heard in metal much these days. And for those who haven’t heard Sofie Lee sing yet, you really are in for a treat. We can’t wait for people to hear it. There will be bangovers!”

Night Viper is scheduled to hit shelves December 4th on Svart Records.

Night Viper track listing:

1. “Night Viper”
2. “The Hammer”
3. “Curse of a Thousand Deaths”
4. “Run For Cover”
5. “Warrior Woman”
6. “Faces in the Mirror”
7. “Never Be Enslaved”
8. “Dagger In Hand”
9. “The Wolverine”

Night Viper 2

[via Noisey]