Night Verses premiere new song “Infinity Beach”

Band: Night Verses
Song: “Infinity Beach”
Album: From The Gallery Of Sleep
Release Date: June 29th, 2018
Label: Equal Vision Records

On the track, drummer Aric Improta offers:

“This song was initially a huge stretch beyond what we are normally comfortable writing. We’ve had some influences lingering from the past few records that had slight effects on our music, but never really surfaced as clearly as they do on this track. From Portishead to Pink Floyd to Massive Attack to Opeth, we did our best to pay homage to our less predictable influences without losing sight of who we are. It was also rad because Will Putney was super versed in the records we dug from those bands, so he did an amazing job crafting different tones than the rest of the record, to help emphasize what we were going for. Also, the entire outtro came from a 40 minute drum solo I wrote and performed this past summer at Meinl’s Drum Festival in Germany entitled Blur-Lights in the Videodrome. It acts as the intro to the solo, but once Nick and Reilly added bass and guitar, it brought it to a completely different place and made it feel much more suited to the rest of the record. Overall we didn’t know what to expect when going in to record this track, but oddly enough it ended up being one of our favorites. Side note, I’ve found that this song sounds best when played while skating by the beach.”


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