Endir, the debut full-length of Icelandic multi-instrumentalist Sigurboði Grétarsson under the moniker of Niðafjöll is now streaming in its entirety; listen below. The official press release described the record, which is a concept album as follows:

“…Endir is a concept album that takes place in the world of Norse Mythology. It depicts two characters who die at the start of Ragnarök and their souls get seperated. The man must now search for his loved one while witnessing the end of the world happening all around him. He walks through scorched grounds and frozen tundras to reach Niflheim, the realm of Hel, to beg her to release his spouse. When she refuses he asks her to freeze his heart instead so he can stop feeling the pain of having lost his love.

Endir is available now and can be picked up digitally via the Bandcamp player below. Physical editions will be released later this month.

Nidafjoll 1

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