New Blitzkrieg Baby EP Cannibal Commando out now through Beläten

Blitzkrieg Baby 1

Official press release:

Blitzkrieg Baby is back! A year and a half after their Kids’ World EP on Beläten, they have returned with an EP that takes their twisted combination of industrial and pop further than ever. Blitzkrieg Baby serves up lyrics from the crème de la crème of the modern condition—cannibalism, war crimes, pre-pubescent murderers, domination, and the end of civilization—fueled by endless frustration with human existence. The only light in Blitzkrieg Baby’s world-view is the glint in the knife as it cuts through your throat. Blitzkrieg Baby are willing outsiders and uncompromising purveyors of industrial music in the true sense of the word: no barriers, no rules, and never any inkling of hope.

Cannibal Commando track listing:

1. “Cannibal Commando”
2. “There Will Be Casualties”
3. “This Is Where Empathy Comes To Die”
4. “Spit”
5. “Cut. Slash. Maim. Kill.”

Blitzkrieg Baby 2

Kim Sølve: electronics and instruments on all tracks. Vocals on 1 and 4.
Mr.B: Vocals on 2.
Bjeima: electronics and instruments on 1 and 2, background vocals on 1.
Aymeric Thomas: electronics and instruments on 5

Mixed and mastered by Bjeima
Photo and logo by Trine + Kim Design Studio