Official press release:

Swedish progressive death doomers Apathy Noir are back with their third opus, a melodic and varied album filled with progressive and atmospheric soundscapes. Apathy Noir’s Across Dark Waters is an obsidian hulk of crushing guitars and primal sorrow, heartbreak and the futility of life captured in sonic form. An epic statement.

The sense of loss and failure they bring to the depressive lyrics of “Lure Of The Sirens” and “Death Of Hope” is just heart-wrenching, a triptych to the edge of shameful despair, uncomfortably painful and personal.

A concept album, dealing with the story of a fishing village chief who is lured away out on to the seas by seductive sirens.

The album arrives this Friday, February 12 through Artnoir Productions. Album pre-orders can be picked up via Bandcamp.

Apathy Noir 1