Band: Negură Bunget
Song: Tinerețe Fără Bătrânețe
Album: Zău
Release Date: November 26th, 2021
Label: Prophecy Productions

Singer Tibor Kati explains:

“The title of ‘Tinerețe Fără Bătrânețe’, which translated into English means ‘Youth without Age’ is inspired by a tale of Petre Ispirescu. Petre Ispirescu was an important editor and folklorist, who gathered and published Romanian folk tales in the 19th century and thus played an important part in the preservation of our heritage. His recounting of the story ‘Tinerețe fără bătrânețe și viață fără de moarte’ (‘Youth without Age and Life without Death’), which provided Negru’s main inspiration for this song, revolves around the themes of the human condition, immortality, and death. The melancholic reed instrument at the opening of the track is actually an Armenian duduk.”