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Official press release:

Falun, Sweden’s blackened death metal one-man project Necrosavant signed a deal with Kolony Records. Necrosavant’s debut album Aniara MMXIV, a 45-minute epos based on the 1956’s epic sci-fi poem Aniara: A Review of Man in Time and Space (original title: Aniara: en revy om människan i tid och rum) by Harry Martinson, will be released at the beginning of 2016.

Aniara MMXIV features, besides Necrosavant (Jonas Martinsson (Majalis, Me The Tiger), special guests Tobias Netzell (In Mourning, Majalis, Thenighttimeproject, Ex-October Tide), Alexander Högbom (October Tide, Centinex, Moondark, Volturyon, Spasmodic), Daniel Jansson (Ikhon, Majalis) and recitation by Gabriella Åström (Me The Tiger). The production is written, all instruments played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Necrosavant (Jonas Martinsson) and may appeal to fans of Behemoth, Decapitated and so forth.

Commented mastermind Jonas Martinsson:

“My fascination for Harry Martinson’s amazing space poem Aniara: A Review of Man in Time and Space from 1956 inspired me to the point that I interpreted and composed music to it, in my own and unique way. Already in the mid-1950s, Harry Martinson wrote about that human existence and our destiny is in our own hands. That we must break our destructive behaviors for our own and our planet’s sake. That we must begin to realize the consequences of our actions. The poem may be just a poem, but if we do not do something about ours and others actions, this planet will go straight to hell. This composition is a lamentation from the perspective where one foot is in the Harry Martinson’s brilliance, and the other foot in my personal musical fusion on the basis of the genre blackened death metal. My version and interpretation is entitled Aniara MMXIV.

I started this project in 2014 and I finished now, a year later. It is no news to compose music to this poem. However, it has not been made in this unique way. I have written and recorded everything myself and I play all the instruments, and I have invited fantastic guests.

The unexpected mixture of poetry and dark metal music was shown to be so unique that Kolony Records hooked and wanted to release the album, physical and digital world-wide.
I see this as my way to preserve and convey a cultural treasure, but in a new way. I think everyone should read Aniara.”

Necrosavant line-up:

Jonas Martinsson/Necrosavant – vocals and all instruments

Special guests:

Tobias Netzell – vocals
Alexander Högbom – vocals
Daniel Jansson – vocals
Gabriella Åström – recitation

Necrosavant 2