Photo by: Alen Ljubic

Official press release:

German black metal outfit Mystic Circle took the scene by surprise with their recent reunion, followed by the release of their eponymous comeback album via Atomic Fire Records in February. But that’s not all: while working on material for their next studio album, the band presents fans with the digital release of their cult 1998 full-length, Drachenblut, today.

Listen to the record — recorded at Commusication Studios in Frankenthal, Germany and produced by Gerhard Magin — on Spotify and other streaming platforms now, at THIS LOCATION and below.

With seven studio albums and many tours alongside black metal heavyweights Marduk, Gorgoroth, and Dimmu Borgir under their belt, it wasn’t just a little history that Mystic Circle left behind when they decided to call it quits in 2007. But alas, fourteen years of silence are over as Mystic Circle – consisting of Beelzebub and A. Blackwar who had actually left the group in 1999 – has risen from their graves to renew their deal with the Dark Lord.

This year’s Mystic Circle full-length was produced by the band and Nils Lesser at Vaultroom Productions and features the diabolic cover art of Brazilian artist Rafael Tavares. Order Mystic Circle, merchandise, more from the Atomic Fire Records webshop HERE.

View the band’s previously released video for “Letters From The Devil”, “Belial Is My Name”, and “Darkness In Flames” below.

Drachenblut track listing:

  1. “Ancient Words”
  2. “Interlude”
  3. “Notrum – Sword Of Might”
  4. “Interlude”
  5. “Dragonslayer”
  6. “Interlude”
  7. “King Of Nibelungenhord”
  8. “Interlude”
  9. “Isenstein”
  10. “Interlude”
  11. “Shadows Over Worms”
  12. “Interlude”
  13. “Hagen Von Tronje”
  14. “Interlude”
  15. “Blood From The Xanten’s King”
  16. “Rheingold”

Mystic Circle is:

Beelzebub – vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
A. Blackwar – vocals, guitars, drums, keyboards