Band: My Sleeping Karma
Song: “Avatara”
Director: Ingo Spörl (Hard Media)
Album: Atma
Release Date: July 29th, 2022
Label: Napalm Records

Drummer Steffen said of the track:

“As many other sanskrit words Avatara has also several corresponding meanings. Avatara means the descent, the coming down, like the appearance itself. But it could also be used to describe an opportunity or the coming to light. In this sense Avatara is the perfect word to reveal our new album Atma and bring this finally to light.”

Atma track listing:

  1. “Maya Shakti”
  2. “Prema”
  3. “Mukti”
  4. “Avatara”
  5. “Pralaya”
  6. “Ananda”