Muscle And Marrow premiere new song “Black Hole”; new record Love due next month via The Flenser

Portland’s Muscle And Marrow have released a new single titled “Black Hole”, listen above. The song appears on the group’s upcoming full-length Love, which drops May 27th via The Flenser. Pre-order are live and can be picked up here (LP) and here (CD). Vocalist/guitarist Kira Clark says of the effort, which touches on feminism and female archetypes:

“It’s cathartic and alluring for me to delve into feminine madness because, of course, that character is inside me somewhere all of the time and to give her permission to surface in my art is powerful.”

The track listing, cover art, and first single “My Fear” can be found below:

Love track listing:

1. “My Fear”
2. “Black Hole”
3. “Womb”
4. “The Drooling Mouth”
5. “Sacs of Teeth”
6. “Bereft Body”
7. “Light”

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007].eps