Muckraker 3

Atlanta’s MuckRaker – who describe themselves as blue collar metal – recently signed with German label Eternal Sound Records. The label will be handling promotion and distribution of their latest record Karmageddon – which will be arriving January 15th – in Europe and the U.K.. Pre-orders for the effort are now live and be secured through Eternal Sound here. Earlier this year the band released a music video for the second track off the album “Rise Of The Loggerheads”, check it out below.

MuckRaker is the brainchild of former Boiler member Will Price (bass, lead vocals), who started the outfit in 2010. Karmageddon was preceded by 4 song EP titled Sound The Alarm (2010) and the band’s full-length debut Big Black Bus. If you like stoner metal infused with some southern blues, then MuckRaker might be what you need coursing through your headphones.

MuckRaker lineup:

Will Price – bass/lead vocals
Sean Briney Martin – guitar/vocals
Chris Tate – drums/percussion

Karmageddon track listing:

1. “Karmageddon”
2. “Rise Of The Loggerheads”
3. “All Hail Mary”
4. “Rusticus (The Alarm-Part 2)”
5. “WarLord!”
6. “The Brotherhood Of Man”
7. “Red Vulture”
8. “Human”
9. “Smart A.L.E.C.”
10. “Too Much Metal For One Hand”

Muckraker 2