Official press release:

Mortiis has unveiled the video for “Doppelganger”, the first single from the long-awaited upcoming The Great Deceiver album.

The “Doppelganger” single will also be available as a free download at beginning Monday, October 5. The download also includes a :wumpscut: remix, the downloadable video, a screensaver and other graphics. Mortiis said:

“As a song, ‘Doppelganger’ not so much investigates or peeks into a conflicted psyche, as it just rips it open and exposes someone for being a two faced piece of shit. I absolutely see myself as that. Sometimes. Other times I try to be a good person. I often fail. Perhaps I treat myself harshly. But it´s there now, in my face, and I don´t disagree with what the song is saying.”

The video, directed by Robyn Van Swank with Nick Plotquin, brings the track to life with horrific images of bloodletting, mutilation and torture. Mortiis adds:

“I thought there was a rough sort of irony in it all with the physical and psychological mutilation. The knife imitates the words…the truth bleeds out…”

The video for “Doppelganger” is also Mortiis’ reaction to years of being artistically held back by record companies that shied away from the graphic content that visually sums up Mortiis’ music. Mortiis continues:

“I always thought that was ridiculous. We wanted to make videos that people would notice, that would cause a reaction, something they wouldn´t forget as soon as the next video came on. I always thought that if our music or imagery pissed someone off, or made them want to puke in their mouths that would be a way better reaction than indifference.”

Mortiis had previously discussed making a video that would be one straight seen of self-mutilation but always knew the powers that be would put the kibosh on it. When he connected with Von Swank to discuss filming “Doppelganger”, self-mutilation was naturally the first topic. Mortiis comments:

“We wanted to original idea to be so messed up that no one who saw it would ever forget it. Perhaps not the deepest or most artistic visual experience, but it would turn some heads. Ever since that time, I swore I would one day control how my music was used. Maybe nobody would ever want to see it, let alone air it, but at least I´d be in control. I never got into this game to get rich anyway.”

Mortiis will return Stateside this month for a month-long warm up tour in preparation for the release of The Great Deceiver.

The Devils Be Damned Tour dates featuring Mortiis:

10/09 – Orlando, FL | Venue 578
10/10 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL | The Culture Room
10/11 – Destin, FL | Club LA
10/14 – Ft. Worth, TX | The Rail Club
10/15 – Austin, TX | Dirty Dog Bar
10/16 – Lubbock, TX | Jake’s Backroom
10/17 – Joplin, MO | Venue 3405
10/19 – Lawrence, KS | The Granada
10/20 – Spring Lake Park, MN | POVS
10/21 – Peoria, IL | Limelight
10/22 – Libertyville, IL | Austin’s
10/23 – Toledo, OH | Headliner’s
10/24 – Detroit, MI | Harpo’s Concert Theatre
10/25 – Louisville, KY | Diamond Pub & Billiards
10/26 – Dayton, OH | Oddbody’s Music Room
10/27 – Joliet, IL | The Tree
10/28 – Milwaukee, WI | The Metal Grill
10/29 – Grand Rapids, MI | The Intersection
10/30 – Columbus, OH | Alrosa Villa
10/31 – Cleveland, OH | Agora Ballroom