Mork share video for “Født Til Å Herske” feat. Dolk (Kampfar)

Band: Mork
Song: “Født Til Å Herske” feat. Dolk (Kampfar)
Director: Trond Atle Bokerød
Album: Katedralen
Release Date: March 5th, 2021
Label: Peaceville Records

Bandleader Thomas Eriksen comments:

‘Født Til Å Herske’ is about power. A pompous and arrogant power that elevates you above the lesser beings that surrounds you. I create a lot of songs based around sombreness and dark themes, but this track tells you to stand tall and embrace your own and your fellow brothers’ combined strength and anger. I had the privilege of joining forces with Dolk of Kampfar, who contributed with guest vocals on this one. He also joined us for the video. The video was shot and edited by Trond Atle Bokerød and his team.”