Morbid Angel stream new track “Piles Of Little Arms”; announce new album Kingdoms Disdained

Band: Morbid Angel
Song: “Piles Of Little Arms”
Album: Kingdoms Disdained
Produced by: Erik Rutan (Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal, Six Feet Under, Belphegor) & Morbid Angel
Recorded at: Mana Recording Studios
Release Date: December 1st, 2017
Label: Silver Lining Music/UDR Music, & JVC (JP)

Bassist/vocalist Steve Tucker comments:

“The album title says it all, everybody’s fed up and nobody can figure out how to fix it. We’ve got all these miniature wars in neighborhoods, cities, countries, and we’ve got people with varying opinions causing chaos, yet everyone is doing what they feel is right. Which all makes it feels like the world has reached a point of utter madness and confusion.”


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  • Kingdoms Disdained track listing:

    1. “Piles Of Little Arms”
    2. “D.E.A.D.”
    3. “Garden Of Disdain”
    4. “The Righteous Voice”
    5. “Architect And Iconoclast”
    6. “Paradigms Warped”
    7. “The Pillars Crumbling”
    8. “For No Master”
    9. “Declaring New Law (Secret Hell)”
    10. “From The Hand Of Kings”
    11. “The Fall Of Idols”

    Morbid Angel is:

    Trey Azagthoth – guitar
    Steven Tucker – vocalst/bass
    Dan Vadim Von – guitar
    Scott Fuller – drums